Rent Bus and Coach in Kyiv city, Ukraine

Bus rental in Ukraine

Charter Bus Service in Ukraine and Europe country.

BUSKYIV offers top-of-the-line touristic coach transportation for tour groups of all sizes.

Whether you’re planning a sightseeing tour, a historical excursion, or any other type of group outing, we have the perfect coach to accommodate your needs. 

Bus rental for trips to countries within the European Union.

The BUSKYIV Ltd. company works at the Ukrainian market of Passenger traffic since 2010.

Charter Bus Provider.


We offers for rent Comfortable Tourist Buses in the city of Kyiv, across the territory of Ukraine and from Ukraine to the countries of the European Union.

BUSKYIV company Offers for Rent Buses. 

We Offer Tourist Buses from 35 seats to 82 seats.

Rent Minibuses from 7 seats to 19 seats.

Usually order the Bus from us along a route which provides return to the point of departure that allows to optimize time and expenses on a travel.

Bus & Coach - 38 - 56 seats

Bus & Coach - 56 -82 seats


The buses that we Rent is a Comfortable tour Buses that have all the necessary options for comfortable travel over long distances such as Padded seat with settle back which can also move in the direction that gives the passenger the opportunity to increase their own space during the trip:


The system of individual ventilation and individual lighting for each passenger

In the bus has video monitors for viewing the video is designed for all Bus passengers.

Currently, it is mostly modern LCD monitors with diagonal of 17"-19"-21" (inch), but the buses that we rent can be installed monitors with cathode ray tube (CRT), the Image displayed on the monitor of the player a video disc (DVD) Type monitors and video capabilities and the sound system Bus is discussed when booking the Bus

The buses that we Rent equipment sound stereo system equipped with radio and record player Music discs of various formats, audio amplifier, microphone for guide and of individual speakers placed along the entire length of the bus in the shelves for private things and have a button to Turn on / Off sound for each passenger that gives you the ability to disable or enable the sound for the passenger.

It is a complete sound system which allows you to listen to the radio, music or a tour guide to tourist or excursion trips.

The shelves in the cabin of the bus for individual items is small sizes which are placed above the passenger seat where you can put leather handbags, bags laptops, valuable personal items, bottles of water, bags of sandwiches. In the shelves for individual things designed a place for personal belongings of each passenger of the bus.

Shelves can be closed with a lid, or be open.

Large storage compartments for travel bags and suitcases allow you to bring enough things that passengers want to take with you.

But for the size of things have to comply with the standards for overall dimensions of the things can be transported in the Luggage compartment of the Bus, i.e. the height – width – length and weight must not exceed the permissible limits.

Also the buses do not transport flammable, explosive and harmful to human health things and stuff. For the observance of rules of transportation of Luggage monitors the organizer of the trip and the representative of the company Buskin is monitored before sending the bus.

The Bus has climate control with air conditioning, which maintains optimum comfortable temperature in the cabin of the bus, regardless of the temperature.

All our buses have automated system of heating of salon of the bus at the time of Parking to maintain a high enough 19-25 (oC) temperature in the cabin during long Parking lot off the main engine ( e.g., at customs checkpoints).

While air conditioning cools the air in the passenger compartment during hot weather.

The control unit of the individual blowing built-in shelves for personal belongings and is located above the seat passengers allowing each passenger to adjust the intensity and direction of the directed stream of cooled or warmed air through the control wheel and control knobs on the reflector built into the unit individual blowout.

In buses there are always side refrigerator Most of the buses we offer Rental equipment, a small kitchen with a coffee machine and the heater and the cooler drinking water, some Buses have a large kitchen with microwave, heater sausage, extra refrigerator and sink for dishes.

Also, many buses have separate tanks for drinking water supplied to the interior via the pump through the chiller for water that allows the types of chilled drinking water while driving.

In many buses there is a toilet which operates during movement. This option must be requested when booking the bus.

We offer Tourist Buses for Rent for tours in Kiev and Kiev Region.

We offer Bus Rental for transfer of passengers from the Airport - "Boryspil" (KBP) and International Airport - "Kyiv", Zhulyany (IEV) to the Hotel and from the hotel to the Airport.


Rent a bus to escort the wedding ceremony.

Rent Tourist Buses to travel to Ukraine with a historic past a tour of the monuments, travels on the coast of the black sea, journeys to the Carpathian mountains and Transcarpathia.

Popular destinations in South Ukraine – the Black Sea Coast: Skadovsk, Lazure, Iron Port, Koblevo, Odessa, Zatoka and other resort towns on the Coast of Black and Azov Seas.


We offer Buses for travel groups of fans at football matches in different cities of Ukraine and the European Union.

We offer to rent Buses for Tourist and business trips to the Countries of the European Union.

Popular destinations for travel on the Bus on the European Union - CroatiaBulgaria, Slovakia, Italy, Austria, Spain, France, Germany, Norway and others...

For operating time in the Ukrainian market of bus passenger traffic constructive cooperation with owners of Tourist Buses and Microbuses as legal and with natural persons across all territory of Ukraine and beyond its limits, thanks to it we can offer our clients a wide choice - Tourist Buses, Intercity Buses and microbuses with a miscellaneous quantity of passenger seats and different years of manufacture was set up.

We offer Comfortable Tourist Buses which belong to different owners it for rent allows to pick up an optimal variant of the Passenger Bus in the shortest possible time taking into account the number of people in group and distances which need to be overcome.

Time of giving of the Bus around the city at the moment at the urgent order makes Kiev from - 3 (three) hours after receiving order confirmation by the client.

Having good relations with many owners of Tourist Bus in Ukraine, We offer Rental of tour buses in different regions of Ukraine


The cost of Renting a Bus depends on the route and time on the road and on this basis calculated individually

The cost of renting a tour Bus to Kiev calculated hourly 1 hour - 550 UAH / 23 USD / 21 euro.

Minimal order is 4 hours + 1 hour filing to the landing site.

The cost of renting a Tourist Bus in Ukraine depends on the route and is calculated according to the length of the route in Kilometers.

1 kilometer in Ukraine from - 15 UAH. up to - 30 UAH. (0,55-0,97 euro /1 km.)

The cost of Renting a Bus in European Union Countries is calculated for 1 Km.

And consists of two tariffs domestic tariff for 1 Km in Ukraine up to the border and the tariff for Europe Rate according to Jewish Countries - from € 0,85 to - 1,2 Euro per 1 Kilometer.

To the cost of Renting in European Countries is added to the cost of toll roads, the Cost of paid Parking spaces for Parking the Bus, the rate for Drivers during

Parking in European cities and other incidental payments by agreement with the Client.

The cost of downtime of the bus in another city waiting for group – 1 day 100-150 Euro or by arrangement

Bus tour in Cannes, France - 2017

Зимові Канни, Франція, подорож на автобусі

1997, NEOPLAN N122 For Rent in Kyiv

Туристичний Автобус - Neoplan N122 (2 поверхи) - 68+1 місць, 1997 р.в.

Гастрольні Автобуси / Band Coach

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